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We provide professional help and guidance for all your green building projects. Whether you are planning on building new, putting on an addition, renovation or remodeling your existing building, contact us today to find out how we can help!

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Harmoni Designs offers a comprehensive range of residential and commercial design services to help you with your next green building project.

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We provide building owners with trustworthy project representation, advice and guidance. Professional advisors on your side, representing your needs and interests.

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For a building to be green, it has to use less energy, have little negative impact on the environment, and be a healthy place for its occupants.

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Green for Contractors

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Green Building Certification

We help contractors go green! We educate and support contractors on green construction processes, best practices, green building materials selections, research, etc.

Green construction for contractors

Check out our blog! A place for advice and lively discussions about design, construction and sustainability!

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Interested in getting your building certified under LEED, Energy Star, or other green building programs? Find out how we can help!

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