House with grass on roofThese pictures of homes with sloped green roofs were taken during a trip to Denmark.  Many of these homes and roofs are over 50 years old. The homes are located in a beautiful area close to the beach with rolling sand dunes and lots of greenery.  It’s fascinating how well these homes fit in with their natural surroundings.

Danish house with green vegetated roofA green vegetated roof can be a great addition to both a residential or commercial building.  There are so many great benefits from green roofs.  They help improve the local micro-climate in several ways.  They provide natural habitats for birds, insects, butterflies, etc.  Green roofs can also reduce the cooling needed for a building and thereby reduce the energy bill and who doesn’t like that?  When designed correctly, green roofs will reduce the amount of water that needs to be sent back to the water treatment plant, which can help lower utility bills in some cities as well.  Having green roofs will also help reduce the heat island effect that is increasing local temperatures in many cities.

house with green roofDesigning and installing a green roof correctly requires very specific knowledge both from a design and construction standpoint, so be sure to consult a qualified design professional first.  This is not for your average local contractor.  Please contact Harmoni Designs today at 216.496.2455 or if you need assistance with the design of a green roof.Danish houses with sloped green grass roofs