Ice Dam at Roof Overhang-Copyright Harmoni Designs LLC

Beautiful Icicles and Ice Dam

Have you ever admired the beautiful icicles hanging from your roof? Did you notice a thick layer of ice at the top of the icicles? This layer is called an ice dam and can lead to serious problems if left unattended.

Ice dams form when water from melting snow reaches the colder roof overhangs and refreezes. As more water hits the ice dams, they continue to grow making their way further up the roof. This can result in water making its way underneath the roof shingles and may lead to rotting of the roof sheathing. It’s even worse if water finds its way into the house or walls where it can result in leaks, cracks, mold, and other serious issues.

Ceiling Damage from Water Leak-Copyright Harmoni Designs LLC

Ceiling Damaged from Ice Dam on Roof

Heat from the sun can melt the snow, but so can warmer air from inside the building. There are ways to keep warm inside air away from the roof and thereby preventing or reducing ice dams. Unfortunately, there is no simple “fix-all” solution to this problem and seeking professional help is highly recommended. The right solution will most likely require a combination of insulation, vapor barriers, ice and water shields, and ventilation. Furthermore, certain types of insulation and roof designs will require specific roof venting strategies. Many building problems can be easily fixed, but ice damming is quite technical and if addressed incorrectly, you could end up with major problems such as condensation, rot and mold.

Ice dams have caused many owners, contractors and architects plenty of gray hair over the years, so be sure to get the right help before you start the work. Please contact Harmoni Designs today at for further assistance.