Interior Design

Good design comes from designers thinking about the building structure and all the materials, finishes and fixtures that go into it as a whole and at the same time – Not separetely.


Harmonious Design

An all-encompassing design firm serving all your needs from architecture to interior design and healthy indoor living.

Unlike most other design firms, we do not see architecture and interior design as two separate entities.  In fact, we believe that good design is the result of designers thinking about the building structure and the materials, finishes and fixtures that go into it as a whole and at the same time.  Often, interiors is handled separately after the architectural design of the building is completed and by an outside firm.  Very frequently at firms we worked for prior to starting Harmoni Designs, we witnessed how interior design as well as kitchen and bath designs were afterthoughts.  This completely changed the original architectural design intent and rarely in a positive way.  Each project is of course different, but in most cases, the end result is far better when the architecture and interior design is architect lead from beginning to end, sometimes with specialized consultants being brought in as part of our team.

Interior Design

  • Interior Design
  • Green Design & Consulting
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Design
  • Traditional & Transitional Design
  • Danish Contemporary & Modern Design
  • Life cycle cost analysis and value analysis
  • Green Building Materials Guidance
  • Increased Comfort Design
  • Commercial Interiors & Tenant Improvements

Space Planning

Functionality and spacial relationships are often at the top of our client’s priority list.  It extremely important in working spaces such as kitchens, restaurants and offices.  We work closely with our clients to make sure everything is set up just the way the need it.  Planning Matters!


Custom woodwork detailing is our specialty.  Our upbringing and background is in world renowned high-quality traditional and contemporary Danish carpentry and cabinet making.  If you are looking for something unique of high quality, you have come to the right place.


It’s all in the details!  Making sure everything is done right from cabinet design, to crown moldings and wood trim work, to floor patterns and tile colors, to inlays and recessed niches, we work through all the details with you to make sure your space will look fabulous when it completed.

Martin Johannessen and Harmoni Designs was wonderful to work with — start to finish. He developed an overall design concept and then worked through successful execution of the a total renovation of a 19th century farmhouse into a working office for a financial company. He developed creative and cost effective solutions to the many challenges presented by the project. The end result is stunning and inspiring, as well as being a productive office space. I would highly recommend his services!
Heather P.