mid-century modern house

View before start of remodeling

This mid-century modern house needed a “little” professional TLC.  The original design was very unique.  The detailing of how things were put together didn’t get quite as much attention as the aesthetics when it was originally designed and built.

The existing raised ground floor level terrace was in great disrepair as can be seen in the following pictures.  Harmoni Designs were engaged as the Architect by the new homeowners to redesign the terrace and to upgrade the existing deteriorated structure.  Working on an old “modern” house like this one can be quite complex from an architectural and structural standpoint.  In order to get optimum communication from design all the way through construction, the homeowners decided to bring Harmoni Build in to facilitate the general contracting portion of the project.

view of existing cantilevered terrace

View of existing terrace to be remodeled

rotten ceiling structure

Mold and rot at existing terrace floor/ bedroom ceilings below







The bedroom ceiling was rotted to such an extend that the bottom of the roof covering above could be seen from below... No wonder a "little" water made it's way in.

The bedroom ceiling was rotted to such an extend that the bottom of the roof covering above could be seen from below… No wonder a “little” water made it’s way in.









demolition of terrace

Demolition of terrace underway

house during demolition

The entire terrace structure needed to go. Carpenter ants, etc. had done serious damage to the structure.

Floor joists being removed

View of the existing floor framing during demo.

terrace being demolished

Exterior terrace floor stripped away to expose deteriorated roof covering and framing below.

poorly supported post for roof

Close up view of post supporting large heavy overhanging roof above. Post was only sitting on a 1x board with no major framing below other than some nearby joists. No wonder the roof above had suffered significantly sagging.

rotted floor joists

Time to replace the framing?

exposed wall framing

Interior finishes removed and ready to start fixing up this old mess!

temporary shoring of structure

Temporary shoring and new flitch-beams going up.

new terrace floor framing

New terrace floor framing underway.

terrace floor framing

Terrace floor framing nearing completion.