Project Description

This project was designed and constructed by Harmoni Designs and Harmoni Build for an elderly couple that lives in Cleveland Heights.  They already had a very nice home with a beautiful garden.  They loved their neighborhood and wanted to stay if possible.  However, all their bedrooms and bathrooms were on upper floors.

Being concerned about what the future might bring in terms of being able to get up and down the stairs, the couple contacted Harmoni Designs after being referred by their next-door neighbor, an architect specializing in commercial design.  Since they were concerned about design and construction quality, he recommended contacting us for a design-build solution.

As we worked through the design process with the clients, it was determined that they needed a ground floor master suite that would be accessible.  However, they didn’t need it to function as a master suite right away as they both were still able to climb the stairs.

Through some creative thinking, it was decided that a multi-functional suite would be the perfect answer for them.  An addition was therefore designed and constructed to function as a guest suite when needed to house visiting family and friends.  Between having guests, the bedroom would function as a year-round sunroom with nice views and direct access to the garden and patio outside.

In the future, when the homeowners find the need to move their master bedroom downstairs, the suite will be move-in ready.  The suite features a very nice accessible bathroom with grab bars, hand-held showering, etc., and closet space as well. They absolutely love the addition and have told us that they have received a great number of compliments from neighbors about how nicely the addition ties in with the existing home.