Project Description

The homeowners of this house in Beachwood, Ohio needed a new kosher kitchen that would be warm, inviting and functional for entertainment of friends and family. The existing kitchen was outdated, tiny and enclosed on all sides, and it did not meet our clients’ needs by any means.

We worked very closely with our clients to establish what would result in the ideal kitchen and entertainment space for them. Given that the clients needed a kosher kitchen, there were very stringent requirements to functionality, separation of foods, to the appliances, materials, etc. The clients’ Rabbi was even consulted on which types of finishes would meet the congregation’s kosher requirements as well.

The kitchen and adjacent family room underwent significant structural alterations in order to create an open and inviting flow between the two spaces and the dining room as well. New wood encased beams and columns were introduced to support the structure above. The beams and columns were custom designed with craftsman style detailing by Martin Johannessen to become an integral part of the cabinetry, shelving and beautiful counters that all wrap the columns. The eating counter is lightly floating between the two center columns.

The result is a warm and comfortable kitchen and family room that meets all the clients’ needs and is great for entertainment.