Project Description

This Pepper Pike home is about to undergo a major remodel of both its exterior and interior spaces.  On the interior side, the homeowners are looking forward to a large beautiful new open kitchen on the ground floor and a completely upgraded master suite upstairs.

At the front of the house, a new entry is being created to add curb appeal to the house. At the front entry, a pergola is being created to give the homeowners a place to relax and enjoy the neighborhood.  A much needed new larger garage will also be added to the end of the house.

On the back side, a new octagonal shaped family room with a high vaulted wood ceiling will be added onto the existing home.  It will be conveniently connected to the new kitchen and dining room.  The family room will feature a new stone fireplace, which has a back-to-back twin on the exterior side facing the new patio.

Accent colors will be added throughout on the exterior as well to give the home more depth and interest. We look forward to be able to post pictures of this home as the remodel comes to life starting this spring.