Project Description

Imagine the challenge.  Turn a 140-year-old farmhouse into an inviting modern-day financial office for staff and customers. Not a typical project, right?  No worries.  Harmoni Designs turned this century home into an open, light-filled, pleasant workspace full of large windows, a custom-built all-natural wood staircase and reception area, and a floor plan that incorporated curves and angled walls to enhance the narrowness of the building.

What started out as a dark, antiquated house, became a dream office for the financial services staff of MP Star Financial, all while updating the building for the required ADA Accessibility code compliance.  Harmoni Designs worked closely with the client to provide guidance for resolving structural issues and anticipating issues that might arise.

The real challenge was making it work as a commercial office space given the size constraints.  Because of the building’s narrow footprint, Harmoni Designs introduced an angled design layout rather than a more traditional boxy layout.  This literal “out of the box” creativity made all the pieces of the layout puzzle fit together very well, and resulted in an original, yet fully functional office space.

Harmoni Designs designed the interiors to include beams with dark wood/heavy grained American black walnut and light natural maple wood accents in other places.   Harmoni Designs’ vision helped guide the client to visualize the final result – a high-end, classy look that seems more expensive than it really was.

The client raves about the high-quality veneer front desk, “It is the highlight of the space; it is ingenious.”  It’s an element that looks top-notch, all while not exceeding the budget.