Project Description

As is often the case when we work on additions for older homes, the objective is to make the addition look like it was always there. In other words, if you can’t tell it was added on, then mission accomplished.

The goal for this cute little two-car garage was no different. Even though it is not attached to the house, it was to complement the existing century home in a very traditional Cleveland Heights neighborhood.

When working on additions like this, we always try to pick up on unique details from the original home and then incorporate those into the new work. That was also the case on this project. The brickwork was carefully designed and selected to match the main house from colors, to bond style, to the soldier coursing and all the way to the circular design detailing around the little round window at the front gable. Even the natural limestone base and cap match the century old stonework on the house. The result – a garage that one would think… was always there.