Project Description

Client Testimonial.

“It had always been my dream to live right on the lake, but when my husband & I first met Martin we had no idea if our rehab project was in any way realistic.  He came highly recommended, was Danish, & we knew we wanted a Scandinavian masonry heater to be the center of the house.  Perhaps it would be a good fit… but the place had been vacant for two years!

Fast forward to now: the place is even more beautiful and cozy than I imagined… all thanks to Martin’s leadership (and supervision of construction). With his great listening, creative, and communication skills, not to mention Scandinavian feel for natural materials, he made my dream a reality, within budget.  We can’t count the compliments we’ve gotten from guests on the way the whole thing works together, and fits our natural lakeside setting.  And, the best part is, we get to enjoy it every night.”

-Kirste L. Carlson