new detached garage

New Detached Garage

This new detached garage located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio was designed to compliment the existing home. It was located to provide the homeowners with a greatly enhanced yard while reducing the amount of pavement. The natural sandstone and brick was carefully selected to match the existing house.

The front facade of the existing house was the inspiration for the design and material selection for the new garage. When viewed from the street, the new garage and the front of the house can be seen together.

View of existing house seen from street

Existing House

old garage before demolition

Old garage before demolition

The existing semi-attached garage was located at the back of the house. It didn’t match the style of the house and required a large amount of impervious hard scape to allow access. The existing garage separated the house from the back yard.  The garage was completely removed along with half of the asphalt area which was replaced with new landscaping.