Fireplace Damper at Top of ChimneyDo you have an old wood burning fireplace with a broken damper? If so, you are likely wasting a good amount of energy if the damper is constantly open. You might have been informed that the only way to fix this is to tear a good part of the fireplace apart in order to replace the damper? There is a much cheaper solution, which is to have a chimney top damper installed.  It’s a type of damper that can easily be installed at the top of the chimney from the outside. A chain is dropped down the chimney and mounted on the side wall inside the fireplace for easy and convenient access. When you aren’t using the fireplace, simple pull down on the chain and the damper will close and thereby save you from having to heat the outdoors.  Your local chimney sweeper should be able to help you with the installation.  Happy fire season!